MINI USA is reporting the start of what looks like another record-breaking year for sales here in the U.S. of A. Month-over-month sales were down, but quarter-over-quarter sales up just shy of 15% for Q1 of 2012. See the full sales breakdown after the jump.

As in months past, Countryman and Hardtop sales have made up the vast majority of both units sold and sales growth. However, where in months past actual sales numbers between the R60 and R56 have been neck-and-neck, this month sees the Hardtop outselling the Countryman nearly two-to-one. Yet, the R60 still accounts for the strongest sales growth. Clubman sales appear to still be dropping precipitously and the Coupé is currently selling more than double over the Roadster. However look for Coupé/Roadster numbers to get closer together as the weather warms up and Roadster delivery ramps up to reflect demand.

[Source: MINI]