For the first time ever MINI will be offering the six speed Aisin sourced automatic in the JCW. They first showed it in the JCW Countryman but we fully expect it to move across the JCW range to all models in time for the 2013 model year this September.

This is essentially the same six speed auto that MINI debuted in the 2005 Cooper S and is currently found across the MINI range. In the past we’ve panned it has mediocre and a easy way to sap some soul out of the motoring experience. But a funny thing we happened. MINI has slowly been improving the auto through updated and enhanced software. They haven’t worked miracles but they have made it less confused, quicker to react and overall a little smarter.

In the JCW we would assume MINI would turn up the wick even further making shift-times quicker and the software altogether more aggressive. All well and good but is it JCW worthy? Maybe it doesn’t matter. If MINi can expand the reach of the JCW brand MINI will be effectively strengthening the JCW brand by gaurenteeing more sales.

Is it worth it? Can MINI build a performance brand and appeal to the hardcore fans while offering such a non-sporting option as an traditional torque converter automatic?

Sound off below.

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