According to sources on both sides of the Atlantic, MINI has cancelled the highly anticipated JCW GP Coupe. Throughout the spring we had seen GP Coupe in prototype form roaming the streets of Bavaria looking ready to launch sometime in 2013. Based on the R56 hatch GP, the Coupe would have been an interesting product. With less weight loss than the R56 hatch based GP (which loses two seats that are already gone in the Coupe), the GP Coupe never quite seemed like it had the clear reason for being that traditional JCW GP does.

R58 JCW GP Coupe

But why did MINI go through the trouble of developing the car before simply canceling it?

According to those same sources MINI was concerned that the GP Coupe would have possibly made the R56 GP less special and less unique. Could it be that MINI is now having second thoughts of making the GP a full line-up of track-ready high performance models? We’re not entirely sure if that idea is dead but clearly MINI wants to protect the brand and choose its products carefully.

That said one of our sources are adamant that the GP Coupe was cancelled but may not be permanently dead. Knowing that MINI has developed the car, it likely wouldn’t take long or much money to bring it to market late in the life-cycle of the Coupe.