While we haven’t learned the exact GP pricing, we have sources who tell us what we believe to be a very close estimate.
That estimate comes from a very basic formula and it starts with the 2006 GP price of $31,500.

Starting with that $31,500, simply start adding all the options on the 2012 GP that did not come on the original. Here are some of the more notable:

– Recaro seats -$3,000
– Black Xenon headlights -$100
– BMW 135i Based brakes – $1000
– High performance tires – $1,200

We’re told the massive defuser won’t be factored into the equation as it is a wash with the costs associated with the exclusive aerobat the first GP had. Likewise the new and fully adjustable JCW suspension roughly equals the old ones cost.

So with a healthy margin of error (because we’re certainly missing some options), we had arrived at an estimated price of around $37,000-$39,000 USD.

Look for final pricing in the next few months leading up to the car’s full debut at the Paris Motor Show.

In addition to the pricing, MINIUSA is considering a special delivery option a la 2006 when they offered special events at Monterey and Lime Rock. However nothing has been decided for certain on that front quite yet. Ultimately a lot has to do with the timing of the release of the new GP being in late fall/early winter and whether or not a special delivery is viable or not.