Here we have two videos from MINI highlighting some behind the scenes of how they developed the upcoming JCW GP. First is a look at the aerodynamic improvements in greater detail than we’ve seen before — including some very slick wind tunnel footage. (Who doesn’t love wind tunnels?). Secondly, we have a video highlighting how they develop components like the rear wing in order to achieve that lower drag coefficient. The whole process of R&D is pretty fascinating for a low-volume car like this — especially given that in the case of the GP, it’s all about speed. One would expect a more seat-of-the-pants, trial and error approach, but as we can see in the videos, simple parts like the rear wing and underbody panels go through extensive engineering. And yet, the prototype carbon fiber parts are still laid up by hand — preserving some good old-fashioned craftsmanship along the way. Both videos after the jump:

Radical Aerodynamics

Engineered for Speed