More and more details about the upcoming 3rd generation MINI, the F56, are coming to light as spy photographers get better and better shots of prototype cars. Here we have an unobscured view of an F56 center switch bank. As previously reported, gone are the window and door controls. Instead, we see toggles for Eco/Sport button, DSC off, engine start, auto stop/start, and park distance control. And yes, our sources are saying all of these features will be available on US-spec cars.

Heating and A/C controls are following a much more conventional layout than in previous generations of the car and this particular spec appears to include dual-zone climate control. We can also see the button for a new auto-recirculate feature. If the system detects air impurities coming into the cabin from say, a smokey bus, the A/C system will automatically switch to recirculating the interior air until exterior air quality improves. That’s no help, however, if the air impurities are coming from inside the car.

With all of this, however, keep in mind that this is still a prototype! MINI is not even into final evaluations yet, so materials and final layout may change for the production version. Be sure to reference back to our previous post on what we know about the rest of the upcoming interior.

[Source: Auto Motor Und Sport]