A new update to MINI Connected is available for download through iTunes. Existing users should see the update as available on their iPhones as well. Enhancements include updates to Foursquare functionality, access to your iPhone calendar and new features in the MINIMALISM Analyser. Full update description after the jump.

[Official copy from iTunes] The comprehensive range of functions to be found in MINI Connected has now
been enhanced by the latest app update. In addition some technical
restrictions have now been removed and stability has been improved.

For more details, please check out: www.MINI.com/connectivity

Check-in from the road through MINI Connected to keep in touch with friends,
earn points towards badges, unlock rewards and share your adventures. Get
tips from the foursquare community about new places to explore.

MINI Connected gives you access to your iPhone calendar while you’re on the
go and don’t miss any appointments. You can even call a number listed in
your appointment.*

MINIMALISM Analyser: All Star Timer
This feature determines your personal high score while driving with
MINIMALISM Analyser. When you achieved five stars in all MINIMALISM
categories the All Star Timer will start automatically. The MINIMALISM
Analyser is a driving style analysis that evaluates how efficiently the
driver accelerates, slows down and changes gear, enabling him or her to gain
or lose MINIMALISM points.

*Some functions are only available if the iPhone has been connected to a
vehicle that has been specially equipped with MINI Connected. The range of
services and functions varies according to the specifications of the
equipment and the country. Some selected functions work in cooperation with
a third-party provider and may not always be available or function in the
same form.

[Source: iTunes]

Tip of the hat to Jay for letting us know.