Thanks to MF reader Shihab we have our first official look at the JCW GP final specifications. As at least a couple of us predicted back at MINI United, the JCW GP will have 218 hp in Euro trim with final US figures to be announced later this month. 0-60 comes .2 seconds quicker compared to the standard JCW. Another key fact that we uncovered at MU that’s confirmed here; non runflats will be standard on the JCW GP. The GP will be hitting the ground with some massive negative camber thanks to a fully adjustable suspension that’s similar to those found in the Porsche GT3 or M3 GTS.

Also interesting is the small selection of optional equipment. However, we’ve been tipped off to expect most everything here will be standard on the US spec model meaning only a couple (if any) options for the US market.

We will have much more when MINI releases the full details shortly. Until then check it all out below and then read on for more of the story behind the car.

Unlike the previous GP, MINI took their time to bring this car to market. Developed over the course of two years, testers used both the ‘Ring and public roads to create the best possible combination of extreme performance and livability. The entirely new JCW suspension improves on the after-sales kit by lowering the car further and giving it better body control on the track. Like-wise we’re told six piston front brakes are a decided improvement over the already good four-pots on the standard JCW.

MINI also partnered with Khumo to develop a specific 17″ tire for this GP that offers better grip and ride qualities than any previous tire that size has offered. Why 17s rather 18s? According to MINI the revised JCW suspension is so aggressive that the 18s were deemed too rough.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the GP is the aero work that has gone into the car. MINI has closed off the underside of the car (using bespoke parts and one or two from the Cooper SD) to create better air flow and less lift. This coupled with the rather dramatic rear diffuser allows the car to stay far better planted at speed than any MINI other than MINI Challenge race-car. They also tweaked the front aero (just in front of the tires) to allow for better air-flow and less drag and lift. It may not look it, but we’re told that these changes in total create a substantially improved car over the standard JCW.

MINI United Debut Photos

Official GP Photos