BMW and MINI have both diversified their smartphone integration that started with iOS to include the Android platform. Yet the iPhone and iOS remain the most important mobile platform for either brand. So it only makes sense for us (and many of you) to take note when Apple releases a completely new iPhone. Especially one that includes a new connector. So what does it mean for current an future MINI owners? Read on to find out.

First off it means your current iPhone dock (yes that $200 accessory you may have bought for your armrest) will not work with the iPhone 5. We’ve been assured by MINI that an update to the part should be coming in early 2013. What about the “Y” cable that connects your phone to the USB port in the car? Again that’s expected late this year or early next. But the good news on that front is that Apple will sell you (for a slightly eye-watering $30) an adapter that converts the previous iPhone/iPod connector to the new lightening connector standard on all new iPhones and iPods.

Speaking of iPods the new Nano has gained the all important Bluetooth option. For the first time this will allow the Nano to stream music wirelessly to any BMW or MINI that supports streaming audio via Bluetooth.

One thing to note; MINI and BMW Connected will not be affected by the upgrades to the iPhone or the iPod Touch. However neither will run on the iPod Nano.