One of the biggest concerns about MINI’s upcoming three cylinder (after power) is sound. What do three cylinders sound like compared to the current four? Based on first-hand experiences and the video after the break, pretty promising. The three cylinder has a healthy warble and sounds decidedly more aggressive than the current Cooper 1.6L four.

Keep in mind that we believe (thanks to several inside sources) that the N37 three cylinder will debut on the MINI One, One D, Cooper and Cooper D as the F56 MINI launches late next year. The Cooper S will retain the Prince engine for the time being before eventually switching over.

As for transmissions, what we see below is a rear drive application of the 3 cylinder mated to BMW’s amazing 8 speed auto. What will MINI have remains to be seen. But we believe it’s likely either an 8 or 9 speed lightening quick automatic with a six speed manual standard.

But how does it sound? Click through to find out.

Source: Paultan