On the tail of disappointing MINI motorsport news in the WRC, here’s some good news on the MINI racing front. The 2012 B-Spec series wrapped up recently and MINIs made a very strong showing.

[Official Release] Last week marked the conclusion of a highly successful season for MINI in the 2012 Grand AM Total Performance Showcase (B-Spec) championship, with the private MINI teams scoring an impressive tally of three wins in the six-race series. The competing MINIs also powered their way to claim four pole positions, and out of the possible 18 podium finishes, 10 were claimed by MINI drivers.

MINI of Charleston drivers in the final Grand Am Total Performance Showcase (B-Spec) race at Lime Rock Park.
The MINI’s go-kart handling and energetic power delivery proved crucial to its consistent run of form. The B-Spec cars competing in the series are essentially showroom-stock, but equalized on power and weight to make the racing as competitive as possible. This allowed the MINI’s dynamic and sporty chassis and communicative steering to really prove its worth when battling with on-track rivals.

“It is so gratifying to have so much success in our inaugural year in B-Spec and drivers did it all in our entry-level MINI Cooper Hardtops, the heart and soul of the MINI brand,” said Patrick McKenna, Product Planning and Events Manager at MINI USA. “Our cars have a strong racing heritage and this race series lets the qualities of the MINI shine through, showcasing to drivers and spectators the inherent capabilities of MINI.”

A stipulated regulation for the race series is that competitor vehicles cannot cost more than $30,000. To help owners make their cars race-ready, MINI of Charleston offers kits to convert existing MINI Cooper Hardtop vehicles race-legal, or will order a new vehicle specifically for racing and retrofit it specifically for racing.

MINI of Charleston drivers in the final Grand Am Total Performance Showcase (B-Spec) race at Lime Rock Park.
MINI of Charleston also runs its own B-Spec race team with owner Brad Davis and his son, Robbie Davis at the wheel of the team’s two competing vehicles. Johan Schwartz, a BMW M Performance instructor, has also joined the team. In qualifying at the final race at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut, Schwartz managed to pilot his MINI round the 1.5-mile-long circuit an amazing 1.5 seconds faster than any other driver.

Afterwards Schwartz said, “The handling on these MINIs is simply incredible, considering they are front wheel drive cars with limited suspension modifications. They’re a lot of fun to drive”.

“It’s possible to convert any road-going 2007-2013 MINI Cooper Hardtop to comply with B-Spec regulations, allowing our customers to take their road car to the racetrack,” said McKenna. Given MINI’s success in its first race-season we expect the brand and its drivers to go from strength to strength in seasons to come.”

For more information on MINI of Charleston please visit: http://www.charlestonmini.com/.

[Source: MINI]