With the GP going on pre-sale today for current or previous GP owners, more than a few of you are considering make a change. And with that in mind we bring you think week’s “Ask MF” from long time reader Karl:

>My 5th and current MINI is a 2009 factory JCW – loaded with every package. You’ve written glowing reviews of the new GP. I’m on the fence and was wondering if you had a 2009 loaded JCW with 18K miles, would you hesitate to sell it and get the new GP? Is the new GP that much better?

Naturally the answer is a personal one. Let’s start with what you really value in a MINI. Do you need nav? Do you want rear seats? Do you need a sunroof? Now let’s think about what a GP is. It’s incredibly rare, and easily the fastest factory MINI at the track of all time. It’s dedicated to performance in a way that no MINI ever has been. But keep in mind that it won’t do is blow away your current JCW at a stoplight. In fact the 0-60 times should be, at most, .2 difference due to more power, a broader torque band and less weight. It’s about the total package and not HP figures.

What would we do? Having driven the car I can say definitively say I’d make the call and get on that list asap.

You can read our recent review of the GP here.