We don’t usually cross-post our features from BimmerFile (you know, the site like MotoringFile but with BMWs on it?) but today seems special. Today is the day that BMW is taking the wraps off of it’s third BMWi concept – the i3 Coupe. Based on the previous i3 concept, the coupe represents a sportier take on the carbon fiber monocoque concept. For those unaware, BMWi is a newly formed sub-brand of BMW (not unlike MINI) that will focus on electric and hybrid cars with carbon fiber monocoque chassis created via renewable resources. It’s as a holistic rethink of the car as any major automobile company has tried yet. And with this Coupe BMWi is starting to round out the models they intend to offer. From the i3 to the über sporty (and pricey) i8, the new brand will products throughout BMW’s current price-points. Where does this leave MINI?

MINI will surely benefit from all the learnings at BMWi revolving around electric drivetrains and carbon fiber design and construction. While we don’t expect any of this to show-up in the next generation MINI family (the F5X series) don’t count out some of it showing up in the successor to those cars. What we could see crossover on are the small engines meant to power the hybrid drivetrains in some of BMWi cars. There’s even rumor of a 1.0L two cylinder derived from BMW’s motorcycle division in the i3 hybrid.

Production of the i3 Coupe feels like a real possibility given the design and technology overlap with the existing i3 four door. That said nothing has been officially mentioned around marketing timing.

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