We don’t often plug things on MF but then again good friends don’t often start exceptional magazines about great cars. Bryan Joslin, formerly of Kilometer Magazine, VW Vortex and occasionally a guest author on this site, has been an automotive journalists for years. However, he’s always had the itch to create something of his own that’s a bit more lasting than the fast-paced stories that are here today and forgotten tonight. So what though, right? Another cool print and tablet magazine. What should I do about it? A lot, as it turns out. Building out an entirely new publication like this can be pricey. Therefore, he’s turned to Kickstarter and potential subscribers to help back the project.

At this point I’ll turn it over to him…

>Between blogs, news sites, discussion forums, and videos, motoring enthusiasts have an almost limitless supply of outlets from which to get their information. But once in a while, it’s nice to jump off the fast track, unplug and relax a little with a great magazine. Not just any magazine, but a truly great magazine. And for those of us who love European cars and motorcycles the most, the choices are few. That’s why we’re creating GranTurismo magazine.

>Why European cars and motorcycles? The easy answer should be that the automotive space is huge, and choosing a smaller niche helps define the scope of our work. But the truth is, everyone working on GranTurismo has a genuine passion for European vehicles. Some of the most storied and long-lasting brands were born in Europe and remain among the most fascinating today. Just ask any valet to list his favorites; chances are good they’ll be Italian, German or English. From Mini to Mercedes, or Vespa to MV Agusta, there’s an undeniable common spirit that binds enthusiasts of all these vehicles.

Awesome right? It sounds that way to us. If you agree click over to Kickstarter and pony-up some cash to help it all get off the ground.