This from the UK, Autocar has had a bit of fun pitting the new MINI JCW GP against a bonkers little kit Mini made out of racing bits and half a motorcycle. While one could hardly consider this a legitimate “comparison” it is a fun contrast between the two extremes of a track-only Mini mongrel and MINI’s self-described halo car. Video after the jump.

It’s an interesting contrast, and what it really highlights are all the compromises that go into making an actual road car vs. a track-only performance machine. I wonder if the GP could get that second back if it stripped out all the airbags and dashwork, switched to a space frame chassis and gave up every modicum of creature comfort.

Flipping the coin the other way, it’d be interesting to see how the MINI Busa would fair in a cross country road trip, or in an offset frontal crash (where the MINI has a 5 star rating). More than anything, it highlights how within MINI, performance is a major consideration, but for any modern road car, it can’t be the only consideration. It’s also interesting to note that in order to get that kind of rarified performance out of a proper, road-going car, you’re in 911 and Aston Martin territory. Those six figure price tags start to make a little more sense. You’re paying to overcome a lot of compromise.

Source: Autocar UK