MotoringFile readers have a few FAQs when it comes to MINI’s industrial version of the Clubman, dubbed the Clubvan. We’ve scoured through our previous reporting and reached out to our contacts at MINI USA to confirm the information you’ve been asking for, starting with the asking price: $25,985.


The asking price isn’t the only question we’ve received, however, and the price itself has related questions that come with it.

  1. Does that price include the “chicken tax” on commercial vehicles? Yes it does. It also includes a $700 destination and handling charge, same as all other MINIs.
  2. Can I get a Cooper S or JCW Clubvan? No. Right now the Clubvan is Cooper only.
  3. Can’t I just take the seats out of a Clubman and have the same thing? Not really. The Clubvan features steel side panels, not just vinyl covering the glass. It also features a fully flat loading floor and front safety cage.


The Clubvan was created in response to something that already exists in the marketplace. We’ve all seen them — small, interesting little cars with small business graphics all over them. They’re either doing actual business duty, or serving simply as advertising so that the expense of the vehicle can be written off. Either way, the Clubvan now brings a little actual utility to this already common practice. Between its barn doors, flat floor and long flat panel sides, it’s pretty much perfect as a small business hauler. Is it a true industrial vehicle? Of course not, but it’s certainly viable as a commercial vehicle — that is, a vehicle used for commercial purposes. It’d better be, at least, given that it’s subject to the dreaded “chicken tax” after all.

How about you? Any small business owners out there interested in the Clubvan for your commercial needs? Personally, I could see it as a great dog hauler!