We’ve seen glimpses of the interior before but none quite like this. Snapped by a Reddit user what we see above is a full view of the base F56 interior. When we say base we’re specifically referring to one of the two sizes of LCD screen that will likely prevalent on most MINIs sold. What we see here is the cheapest spec interior (there will be four total). The higher spec interiors will actually feature different and improved soft dash materials similar to the new 1 Series BMW.

Then there’s the odd looking bezel around the central stack. That bezel is a bit more than the simple piece of plastic it may seem. The strip around the circular portion of the centre stack is actually mood lighting which lights up and swirls around when you engage the keyless ignition (now standard).

And yes, the center speedometer is gone. Instead it’s replaced by a larger digital unit behind the wheel directly in the driver’s line of site as well as the traditional analog unit. The new tack will be a smaller, semi-circular gauge attached to the left hand side of the speedometer. It’s a more contemporary design, and frankly, a little funky.

Why is MINI ditching the center speedo? Two reasons. First, MINI has taken hit after hit in consumer surveys with the primary speedometer being located in the center of the car. They’re finally listening to that feedback. Secondly, the electronics of this car will be almost identical to the upcoming front wheel drive BMW, and while that doesn’t mean they couldn’t do a center speedo, it meant that there was additional cost this time in making it happen.

The steering wheel in the photo above is actually the BMW version that has been put in this car to throw us off. The final unit will be similar to MINI’s current design with all the functionality you see on the BMW wheel. In general our sources have told us to expect the three spoke wheel to retain the overall shape of the current wheel with more angular details.

You can read much more on the new MINI in the MotoringFile’s F56 section. In the meantime thoughts? We know you have them. Let’s hear what you think in the comment section below.

Update: Here’s sneak peek at the final MINI steering wheel design that is missing from the text mule pictured above. Also seen here (and in my mind the most controversial change is the speedometer replacing the tach and the tach becoming a small half circle to the left. Not a surprise as it’s something we reported on last year but still this is the best view we’ve had yet of it. (courtesy of