The cladding is coming off and the true shape of the 2014 MINI is starting to become more clear.

Gone is the dramatic front overhang. And in its place are new details like a “Rocketman” style front grille,
headlights and an almost bullet side profile in the front. And perhaps the best news for MINI fans? The F56 will be approximately the same size as the current MINI. While we’ve been reporting that for years now it’s nice to see some further confirmation. All this and more thanks to these new photos courtesy of Autoexpress. Check it all out after the break.

Here are some quick notes that we see in these photos:

– The reduction of the front overhang from the earlier prototypes is encouraging.
– The earlier rear view mirrors with the wing element is gone and in it’s place mirrors that are close to the design of the F56. We’re told the wing element, while adding to the aero also added to the wind noise dramatically.
Speaking of the mirrors, that tape is covering side repeaters that have moved from the side of the car to the mirrors thanks to EU regulations.
– The headlights have moved a bit more forward facing similar to the Rocketman concept.
– The front grille houses both the top grille, bumper and lower grille also similar to the Rocketman concept.
– What’s up with the open gas cap? Looks like someone was desperate to get away from the spy photographer. And yes all MINIs will now have it on the right side.
– There’s a small connecting piece of plastic from the rear hatch to the spoiler that looks to be a new aero piece. Interestingly it also makes the spoiler look like a little like the GP’s.

Check out Autoexpress for all the photos. And be sure to dive into our F56 section for the best information in the world on the new MINI.