The F56 is in its final stages of development ahead of a launch late this year and currently test mules are buzzing around Germany. It’s given us a chance to look at the car with its final shape emerging thanks to the lack of heavy plastic cladding. It’s also interesting to see some of the options we reported on earlier this year finally appear on near production models. Before we talk options (which will recap in a future post) let’s take stock and what these photos from Paultan.org show us.


– Look closely just behind the front wheel and you’ll notice a bulge – likely where the side repeater is. We were incorrect that it will be on the mirror and have confirmed through multiple sources it’s staying in its current position.
– Are these xenon lights or LEDs? We’re guessing the former but regardless of light we’ve heard that the entire mechanism will swivel and a much quick rate than the current MINI set-up.
– A clearer shot of the Rocketman-like grill.
– Since this is a Cooper model it’s difficult to say what MINI will do in terms of design for the MCS but we’ve heard that designers have made sure there is a clear distinction between the two.
– The belt line either appears to be higher or the drive is sitting lower than normal.
– The entire door handle will pivot from the front much like BMWs – no more squeezing to open.
– The headlights have moved a bit more forward facing similar to the Rocketman concept.
– There’s a small connecting piece of plastic from the rear hatch to the spoiler that looks to be a new aero piece. Interestingly it also makes the spoiler look like a little like the GP’s.

Check out Paultan.org for all the photos and let us know if we missed anything. Then share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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