If you attended MINI Takes The States (MTTS) last year, you may have seen some car driving demonstrations being put on by the Miles Head driving school. We saw them out in full, tire squealing force at the Chicago stop. At the time, Miles Ahead was focused on using MINIs to teach teans advanced driving skills for better safety on the road. More than one adult spectator at MTTS commented something along the lines of “Why do the kids get to have all the fun?”

Well now they don’t. Miles Ahead has expanded its program to include adult participants:

MINI Performance Motoring School offers an adrenaline-charged day of driving and professional instruction in your own 2013 MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop. MINI has been recognized by Car & Driver and Motor Trend magazines as one of America’s “best handling cars”. Learn how to drive on Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Formula 1 course from a team of internationally accomplished race car drivers.

The full-day adult course is $995, including the use of the JCW Hardtop mentioned above. So no wearing the tires off your own car. Course activities include:

  • Slalom/Handling
  • Precision braking
  • Cornering and skid control
  • Timed sector runs
  • Instructor-driven hot laps

The timed sector runs aspect of the training is especially interesting. You get to compete against the clock and against your fellow students on the track.

Available dates for the adult full-day classes run from June 15th through November 3rd of 2013. Half-day teen classes are also available from June 22nd through October 26th.

Here at MotoringFile, we’re big advocates of driver training. Sure, a track day is great fun and good exercise for your cor, but more importantly the time spent getting tips and training from professional instructors has real world advantages. Knowing where your car’s limits are, and how to push them, can come in very handy when some jackwagon texting from his SUV tries to drive over top of your MINI.

So if you’ve ever wanted to grow your driving skills, or wanted a good excuse to drive at Indy, Miles Ahead has a day package just for you.

More info here: Miles Ahead