In what has to be a massive cease-and-desist-letter in the making, virtual modeling site Humster3D.com has made some pretty ham-fisted rendering models of the still as yet unveiled 2014 MINI Hardtop, the F56. Based, they claim, “using official references and descriptions.” Does that mean time spent with the actual car? We don’t believe it for a second.

Here’s why. First, this model doesn’t even hold up to the now infamous leaked photo shoot spy pictures, even though that’s clearly what this is based on. Second, actual 3D CAD files exist for the F56 in its entirety, so there’d be no reason for MINI to partner with a company like this to produce additional models. Third, if BMW did have a relationship with Humster3D, why would they leak the model early and jeopardize that relationship? It doesn’t add up, and this model doesn’t look even remotely right. Given the timing of this model becoming available, we’d wager this 3D rendering is based entirely on the spy shots. It’s still a fun look at some of the car’s proportions, though. Here’s the 360 video:

Whether this model is based on time with the actual car or not (it’s not), it’s still an interesting look at what the car might kind of look like at eye level. We’re still holding out for real photos, which we expect soon. We know there was a photo shoot…

Is the F56 turning into the worst kept secret in the automotive world? Or is all of this just clever “leaks” to drum up public reaction? What do you think? Does this model look convincing? Any changed minds? Let’s hear it.

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