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Modifying cars ca be a slippery slope. This is the biggest slope we’ve ever heard of. (Via Axis of Oversteer).

>First it was just to be the caging, full containment seat, and removing of some metal in select areas. But this soon now included a race clutch/flywheel and a Quaife LSD, as the 2003 R-53 Mini Cooper only came with an open Differential. Nothing overly drastic as far as I was concerned, especially since I really never drove the car other than to the track and back, but when Greg said he thought he could build me a custom front sub frame that sounded pretty interesting as I was looking for better handling anyway. The Mini had just been eating up the Hoosiers, never lasting more than a couple days or so.

>…Sensing that I was pretty open minded, and shared the excitement of where Greg wanted to take the car, Greg approached me with an idea that really turned things toward a new beginning, yes, just the beginning I was soon to discover. If a new front sub frame was going to be built than why not do something really different? A few days later Greg sent me a picture of my motor and drivetrain now sitting BEHIND the driver seat.