This weekend I took a few photos of our longterm MINI Roadster parked on the side of the road and posted one on Twitter. Top down and spoiler up. Natural right? In response to our tweet @justoffstage made this astute observation:

>justoffstage: @MotoringFile I’ll make an exception for taking a photo, but in general, parking with your automatic spoiler up is a Class B Douchedemeanor.

That got me thinking about proper spoiler etiquette with the Coupe and Roadster. So I thought we’d come up with an official MF take on the matter.

Un-approved: Leaving your spoiler up when parked and left unattended.
Approved: Leaving said spoiler up for photography or for car related gatherings.

What about while driving? We say it’s “up” to the driver. The spoiler of course goes up at 50 mph and down again at 37 but if you want to show the world your spoiler at 10 mph, we say go for it.