Throughout 2013 we’ve been talking a lot about the F56 – the next generation MINI hatch. And while we’ve reported on other variants we’ve never put the full picture together in terms of what models we’ll see and when we’ll see them. Today we’re doing just that. After the break is a full run-down of MINI’s release schedule for it’s next generation F5X models (excluding any Countryman related models).

The F56

The 3rd generation “new” MINI hatch

This is the one we’ve all been waiting for and the model that will form the basis of all small MINI’s for the next seven
– Debut: November 18th 2013
– European Launch: January
– North American Launch: March


The F55

The 1st generation MINI hatch five door

This is not the Clubman. The F55 is a five door (yes regular doors) MINI hatch that will be positioned between the F54 Clubman and the F56 Hatch and compete directly with the five door VW Polo and Golf

– Debut: Fall 2014
– European Launch: Fall 2014
– North American Launch: Late 2014 or early 2015

The F57

The 3rd generation MINI Convertible

The F57 will be an exact copy of the R57 with the same top with only very minor revisions. Basically an F56 hatch with the R57’s convertible top. You can check out a gallery here.

– Debut: February 2015
– European Launch: Spring 2015
– North American Launch: Spring 2015


The F54

The 2nd generation MINI Clubman

Where the F55 will have four normal forward hinged doors, the F54 Clubman will make due with one or (more likely) two suicide doors like the current car. We also believe it’ll have more of a sleek shooting-break look

– Debut: Fall 2015
– European Launch: Fall 2015
– North American Launch: Early 2016

photo 3 copy 3_Fotor_20130422

The F59

The 2nd generation MINI Roadster/Coupe

We have yet to hear a final decision on the twins but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them either combined into one (hardtop roadster) or continue on as is. Either way we expect the following debut dates:

– Debut: Late 2016/Early 2017
– European Launch: Early 2017
– North American Launch: Early 2017

R55 Photo Courtesy of Bigblogg