Earlier this week MINI lifted the veil on the highly anticipated next generation MINI, the F56. While it has garnered some strong opinions (as any redesign of an iconic car should) looking at the reaction overall, the F56 has been generally well-received when compared to the R56 that came before it. Yet opinions are best formed with real hands-on time with a car, and we’ve been lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time with the F56 while in LA this week. What do we think? We’ll leave that for an upcoming article. Instead, we want to focus on answering your questions.


While we may not have answers for every question that might get asked, right now we are likely the best source of information in the world short of MINI corporate themselves. Therefore we want to open up the floor to you. Ask us your questions, big or small, in the comment section and we will do what we can to answer them throughout the coming week.

Also, don’t forget that we have a massive amount of F56 information in the MotoringFile F56 section.