Amongst all of the news last week MINI unveiled it’s most bold contest yet. The idea is simple – tell MINI USA why you deserve to test the new MINI before anyone else and how you’d do it. For instance if you think high speed reverse J-turns would be something worth testing, go for it. Want to test luggage capacity with cheerleaders? MINI will oblige.

So why do this? The winner gets to not only live out this test but do it before the car goes on sale and before much of the media even drives it. Yes, you will become an internet celebrity.

But the best part is what MINI will give you next.


MINI will give you a chance to design your own package that will be available for anyone to order. MINI will team you up with a designer to create graphics awhile you curate the options from MINI’s endless list.

Interested in learning more? Head over to MINIUSA for more details.