Something fun for you electric MINI fans out there this morning. UK site GoMotors has spy shots of an all-new electric MINI. Dubbed the MINI E Race Coupe, this is the first electric MINI we’ve seen since the MINI E program shut down. In 2010, MINI set an EV record at the ‘Ring with a MINI E hardtop hatch. That record was later eclipsed (well, obliterated) by the electric Mercedes SLS. It seems unlikely that this MINI E Race Coupe is going to chase that SLS record, so we’re as curious as you are as to what the car’s purpose really is. We’re not anticipating a rebirth of the MINI E program at this time, so what’s this car for? Is there some electric race series we’re not aware of? We’ll try to find out. Stay tuned.

Source: GoMotors