We’ve finally got US specifications on the F56 and the first thing that is interesting to note is weight. Yes weight is up across the board. For the Cooper 70 lbs and for the Cooper S 92 lbs. However usable interior space has increased noticeably (both in the cabin and in the boot) along with power and torque.

How does this affect performance? We’ll let you know tomorrow. Now onto the numbers.


– R50 2,526 lbs (2,557 w/auto)
– R56 2,535 lbs (2,612 w/auto)
– F56 2,605 lbs (2,675 w/auto)

Cooper S

– R53 2,678 lbs
– R56 2,668 lbs (2,712 w/auto)
– F56 2,760 lbs (2,795 w/auto)