Right on schedule MINI will be killing off the Clubman model at the end of the 2014 model year after a seven year model run. If the rumors we’re hearing our true, the last month of production will be June of this year giving prospective buyers just a few more months to plan our their purchase. But what of the future of the Clubman? Read on for the details.


Over the past seven years if you asked us what MINI we’d buy with our own money, more times than not the answer would be a Clubman. Where the Countryman can feel too ponderous and the standard hatch a little too space constrained for active lifestyles (or small families), the Clubman always appealed to us as achieving the golden ratio of utility and performance.


So what happens next? Luckily the Clubman will live with MINI tweaking some the formula. Since MINI will be releasing a four door version of the standard hatch (debuting this summer) we’ll see the Clubman grow slightly.

Where the F55 four door hatch will be about being as small as possible with four doors, the Clubman stretches things out with an eye on increased utility. As you can see above 2015 Clubman will be lengthened and widened to Countryman proportions. This will allow for 2+3 style seating with easy access via two forward hinged rear doors. Exterior and interior details will be very similar to the soon to be released F56 albeit tweaked and stretch.

Engines will mostly be carried over with one major exception. We expect MINI to debut it’s new plug-in hybrid system with the 2015 Clubman. Perhaps not at launch but according to rumors, sometime in the 2015 calendar year.

When will the Clubman go on-sale? It’ll have to make room of the R55 four door so that means we’ll likely see it sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2015.