When MINI named Anders Warming head of MINI design after Gert Hildebrand had announced his plan to move on, many of us were left wondering how that would affect the cars we love so much. And made Anders Warming qualified to lead MINI into the future? As it turns out quite a bit.

I’ve met Anders several times on various MINI launches and have always come away impressed by his level of care for the MINI brand and his rather humble way of going about it all. While much of the F56 was designed before his time at MINI, we’re starting to see his design leadership in such cars as the recent Clubman concept which by all accounts has been highly praised by the toughest critics on the planet – MotoringFile readers.

Beyond that he’s also a very interesting guy. We’ve had many long conversation about bands and much (he’s a huge Wilco fan as it turns out) as well as design. If you ever have a chance to meet him at a MINI event, don’t pass it up.