MINI has released the first images of it’s F56 accessory line-up. As expected MINI is focusing on the simpler items out of the gate, stickers, mirror caps, matts and a couple of wheels. But there is on item that could be particularly interesting and a bit of a game-changer for some owners. Check out it and the full gallery of accessories after the break and note not all will be available in North America initially.

MINI is finally taking the wraps off of its highly anticipated NFC key accessory. The accessory takes the form of a sleeve that snaps on to the key and communicates with the owners phone via NFC. This option will allow owners to perfect the settings of their MINI on their phone and then have them immediately applied as they unlock the vehicle.

Given the fact that MINI lists the accessory as NFC only and not the much more common Bluetooth LE format, it would appear that the accessory will only be compatible with Android devices that support NFC. Unless there’s more tech packed into the accessory that we don’t know of or another version being hurried into development.

Other than the key the highlights here to us have to be the tartan matts and the gold Union Jack that could give a black MINI a bit of a John Player Special feel to it.

MINI will be releasing more accessories (yes JCW accessories as well) in batches throughout the rest of the year.

Note: our light box gallery system should be now up and running. Feedback welcome.