One of the better ways to talk about cars is to have them in front of you. And thats exactly what we did with both Pat McKenna (Head of MINIUSA Product – pictured) and Chris Potgieter (Product Manager) while at the New York International Auto Show. We simply walked from car to car and spoke about the state of each and what to expect.

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Here are some highlights:

– The Dakar Countryman
– Countryman LCI details
– The end of the R55 Clubman
– The state of the R57 MINI Convertible – when will the last cars be built
– Is MINI happy with the Roadster and Coupe?
– The F56 launch – how’s it going? How’s the press?
– What’s Next? If you listen carefully there’s a big hint of both what it is and when it’s coming

It’s a must hear intrview for anyone interested in both the current line-up and the year or so.