The words Chinese and aftermarket don’t conjure up positive thoughts typically. And while we’re still not sure if what we see above is a quality piece of software and hardware engineering, it’s at the very least interesting. What it is is the first full aftermarket navigation system designed for the R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60 and R61 MINIs. What it runs on we don’t know (and believe me tried to ask) but it’s clear that Zestech has packed a ton of technology into the system. Whether it’s user friendly or even usable we don’t know but it makes for impressive bullet points on a spec sheet.

Now for the real question. Would you dare order something like this and have it installed in your MINI? Keep in mind it’s likely a touch interface and the MINI’s screen position isn’t made to be in reach while driving.

MINI Aftermarket Nav Spec Sheet // PDF

Product Page // Zestech