It’s easy to forget that MINI’s largest market doesn’t actually get the full MINI lineup. In particular, the US has never had access to MINI diesels. For years, MINI USA has attempted to bring a diesel model to the US, but poor fuel standards, engineering challenges and finally economic hardships have undercut the business case for diesel MINIs in America. However, that’s about to change. MotoringFile has received news from our sources that MINI is in the process engineering an entirely new diesel model specifically for the US market.

The car’s power plant will likely be one of the higher output diesels in the MINI line-up and be marketed as a Cooper D or Cooper SD. For reference the previous Cooper SD was powered by a 2.0L turbo diesel and had an output of 143 hp with peak torque of 225 ft lbs (while getting 65 mpg on the EU cycle). However we expect something very close to the current Cooper S power output of around 190 HP.

The chosen power plant is currently undergoing final engineering and testing for import. The main challenge is fitting the high pressure urea tank in such a small car. Because of this, the US-spec diesel MINI will have a larger fuel filler cap to accommodate 2 filler necks — one for fuel, and one for the selective catalytic reduction system additives.

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Now the big question: When will we see this model? Our sources are telling us that production will begin in November of 2016, with the Clubman diesel hitting US showrooms around the beginning of 2017.

While we didn’t receive info on what other MINI models might get this power train, we can expect that the next generation Countryman coming in the latter half of 2017 will also have diesel power available.

Yet diesel isn’t the only alternative power option for the upcoming Clubman. There’s also the plugin hybrid Clubman we detailed earlier this year. We expect that this hybrid model to be released around the same time as the LCI is released which will be 2018.

Let’s hear from Clubman fans. Which variant most sparks your interest? Petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid?

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