Effectively replacing the Clubman in size and position in the line-up, the F55 five door will hit UK and European showrooms around August with US deliveries starting later this year. We have high expectations for the new five door. Combining the agility and improved feedback and feel of the F56 (as compared with the previous generation), the F55 will add a healthy dose of practicality to the range as well. But how does it look with the new JCW aerokit? This is our first chance to find out.


Of course this isn’t a full JCW model but the JCW aerokit that will be part of the JCW exterior pack that will be optional on all MINIs. Why confuse people and potentially dilute the JCW brand? Much like BMW M and the M Sport kits found on BMWs, JCW options such as the aero-kit generate profits directly for the sub-brand which in-turn helps to finance other perhaps more interesting projects.

Could a full F55 JCW be one of those projects? MINI has gone on record and said that they will limit JCW models to core body-styles. It’s unclear whether the F55 will be one of those. What we do know is that MINI will debut the F56 JCW hatch late this year with a public debut at Detroit in early January. Sales of that car should begin next spring.

Hat tip to John.