Autocar has historically been held up by many as the best weekly car magazine in the world. Between their excellent reviews and industry leading news it’s an excellent source with always valuable opinions.

It all stands to make Autocar’s annual hot hatch award something to take note of. Especially this year with the F56 and Audi S1 vying for the win. How did MINI do? Read on for the results and the full story.


The Cooper S is not a perfect specimen – as its instant relegation below the Fiesta attests to – but it’s decidedly good value considering the greater refinement, comfort, build quality and maturity now in evidence. Add in the impish grin factor that BMW purposefully makes it easy to find, and there’s no contest.

It’s not all roses for the MINI through. Autocar calls out the new MINI for being very good at everything but not quite as fun as the Fiesta ST at times or refined as the all wheel drive Audi. But ultimately it’s a combination of joy behind the wheel and abundance of sophistication throughout the car that wins the day for the MINI.

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