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The JCW Engine Tuning Kit and Exhaust are here and it’s a serious piece of kit. MINIs JCW Arm has clearly gotten serious with its approach for the F56 Cooper S. The new kit is designed more holistically than before and is comprised of a full ECU remap, stainless steel exhaust and some surprised.

Read on for the full details and video of the kit in action.

– A stainless steel cat-back system – cannot be sold without the engine kit
– Optional Carbon Fiber and Stainless tips with JCW logos
– 15hp Power increase due to ECU remapping and increase flow
– A remote that allows the driver to open and close the electronic baffle inside the exhaust allowing for a more aggressive note when appropriate
– Track mode – opens the exhaust baffle increasing exhaust noise via a button on the remote – not approved for the street
– Estimated pricing: coming soon
– Estimated availability: fall 2014
– Available only on the Cooper S as a dealer accessory

How does it sound? We managed some seat time in the car today and came away impressed. Where the standard MCS exhaust feels quiet and refined, the JCW version is throaty and deep. In short it’s exactly how you’d want the car to sound. Best of all, JCW has given the driver control over the noise level with the remote. It allows a driver to go into quiet mode on longer drives while having an aggressive note in other situations.

In some ways the new JCW engine kit is the first fruit of BMW’s engine sharing problem. With MINI and BMW sharing engines and development, it has allowed JCW to put extra time and energy into developing accessories like the new exhaust.

One has to wonder what else it will allow JCW to do.

We’ve heard that the JCW exhaust is currently only available for the Cooper S however other models (ie the JCW) may come later. That would mean that the full-on JCW MINI will not have this exhaust standard but instead will likely have one slightly less aggressive.