2013 MINI Cooper Coupe S

The longterm MotoringFile JCW Roadster won the hearts of all who drove it until it recently left the MotoringFile Garage to make way for its new big brother, the 2014 Cooper S hardtop. As much adoration as has been heaped onto the niche Roadster/Coupe pair, sales have waned slightly in 2014 with the pair being down 52.9%/54.4% YTD compared to 2013. But yet even in the shadow of the F56 launch, there is still much to love about of the Roadster and Coupe to the point that MotorTrend just named the Coupe one of the “Top 16 Hottest New Coupes on the Market”.

“After experiencing the Mini Coupe for a full year, we came away praising its funky interior and goofy attitude. The Mini Coupe is a car that does not take itself seriously, something quite refreshing in 2014. Its polarizing style, racy attitude, and nearly infinite factory customization options make this a popular car for drivers of all ages, though it’s not clear whether it will ever see a second-generation model.”

So while the future of the Roadster and Coupe may not be certain, for those who choose to partake in it’s “refreshing” yet “goofy” demeanor, the rewards will be high [and rather exclusive].

Be sure to check out MotorTrend’s long-term 2013 MINI Cooper S Coupe verdict  if you previously missed it:

The Coupe succeeds in getting the attention for which it strives. Big, serious supercars get big attention, too, but a different kind. This Coupe makes people interested, but it also makes them smile.