The description of “go-kart” handling has been lavishly heaped on MINIs since the classic Mini rolled off the assembly line. However with the introduction of the modern MINI, the phrase seams almost so inescapably linked as to be cliche . Comparison such as this stand to be tested and the MINI Cooper and go-kart comparison is just what Crank and Piston sought out to settle with the latest third generation MINI Cooper S at the Dubai Kartdrome.

None of us are expecting the MINI to beat the go-kart. Even despite its 178.5hp advantage, the MINI’s 1000kg weight deficit – plus its comparatively high centre of gravity – makes the Cooper S a sitting duck around the Kartdrome’s tight and twisting technical layout. Based on David’s experience, he estimates the MINI will be 8-9 seconds slower than the go-kart. Anything under that should demonstrate the new Cooper’s ‘go-kart like’ precision.

We will not ruin the final result for you, but suffice to say, the MINI makes a capable and entertaining steer on the course:

Ryan has no problem keeping the Cooper S out of the barrier. Through another tight right hander and onto the back straight, Ryan has just enough time to flick into second gear before braking hard into the final complex, the MINI dancing through the tight left-right-left chicane and taking a little kerb on the outside onto the main straight to nail it to the start-finish straight.

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