Apples to oranges for sure but it’s worth noting that BMW i3 sales are picking up steam. Enough as it were to outsell the venerable Model S by 70% last month. In fact the i3 moved into the second spot in terms of electric vehicle sales in the US in total. As capacity and perhaps even incentives increase, it’ll be interesting to see where sales go. All good but what does this early success mean for the chances of a fully electric MINI?

We don’t expect a fully electric MINI for years but we do know that BMW has its sights set on electrifying the brand. First up will be a plug-in hybrid Clubman and Countryman (which we broke the news on almost a year ago). After that its anybody’s guess what will come to market. However we know that BMW is looking into creating a fully electric MINI in time for the 4th generation to launch around 2020. That car (likely code-named the G56) will be BMW’s opportunity to create something from the ground up that can be powered by both fossil fuels and electricity. Given the brand’s investment in carbon fiber manufacturing it’ll also be a great opportunity to create something not just 10-15 lbs lighter (as MINI has done with the past two generations) but materially different in weight that the F56.

As always we’ll bring you the latest the moment we hear about it. In the meantime click over to read our test drive of the Tesla Model S and BMW i3.

Tesla Sales Source: InsideEVs