Well, not really but kind of. According to a study released by [insurance.com](http://www.insurance.com/) the MINI Countryman S ranks #16 among the most ticketed cars in the US, with 27.5% of R60 S drivers recently receiving a traffic citation. Insurance.com says results are based on insurance quote requests from 550,000 drivers a month.

While we have a profound respect for Countryman owners – after all Gabe was one of them for a year – this results is surprising as one could think that Hatch S drivers are the most spirited ones. Overall which cars did better, or worse depending on how you see it, than the MINI? The top three most ticketed vehicles in the US are the Subaru WRX (33.6%), the Pontiac GTO (32.7%) and the Scion FR-S (32.6%).

If you’re interested in finding out how your car ranked, go [look it up](http://www.insurance.com/auto-insurance/vehicle-shopping/cars-that-get-the-most-tickets.html). Also, any Countryman S driver care to share his or her speed violation anecdote?

Note: MotoringFile **strongly** recommends all its readers to respect speed limits at all times.