With the F56 and F55 four door launched, MINI is turning its attention to rounding out its aging line-up. This includes the convertible, JCW and of course the highly anticipated Clubman. Read on the for the details.


The F57 Convertible

The first order of business for MINI will be the F57 convertible. The convertible will pick-up the same roof design as the R57 with additionally rigidity designed into the chassis to reduce cowl-shake. The four seats will remain but insiders tell us the rear seats will have slightly more room than before. Also more spacious will be the boot with the same deep floor that the F56 current has.

The F57 will debut at the LA Autoshow with sales in Europe beginning in February. Expect US sales to start this spring.


The F56 JCW

The 2015 JCW is currently wrapping-up final testing ahead of it’s January debut in Detroit. Powered by an iteration of the F56’s 2.0L (internally known as the B48B20O0), the JCW should have an output of around 230 hp and torque over 255 ft lbs. With weight around 2,800 lbs this would give the 2015 JCW the best power to weight ratio of any MINI ever – by healthy margin. Brakes will be large Brembos has before with a unique sports suspension standard.

Minus some stickers and the extra coat of paint on the wheels, what you see above is what you’ll get. Look for 17? wheels standard with 18s optional. The areo-kit will be a tweaked version of the JCW aero-kit due on the JCW Exterior Pack option expected late this fall.

MINI is planning to debut the 2015 JCW on the internet in December of 2014 then publicly at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Production should start in March of 2015 with the first cars hitting dealers in April throughout Europe and May in the US.


The F54 Clubman

The Clubman will be a surprise hit for MINI for years to come. At least that’s our prediction having been hands-on with the concept. But it’s not just the packaging but the drivetrain options that make this one of the more interesting products MINI will release (and a sneak peak into what the Countryman will offer). The six door will be available in Cooper and Cooper S variants at launch early next fall.

Then things get interesting.

According to sources we will see an all wheel drive Cooper/Cooper S start of production in March 2016. Finally MINI will be releasing a US diesel variant with an engine designation of B47C20O0. That’s the same designation used for the Euro-spec Cooper SD. The 2.0-litre four-cylinder produces a healthy 266lb ft. (maximum torque is available from just 1500rpm) and 170 hp.

On the UK cycle the Cooper SD gets an astonishing 70.6mpg. Expect something in the 40-50 mpg range from the EPA.

All wheel drive will not be available with the diesel.

Look for news on the next germination Countryman, Paceman, coupe and roadster soon.