6a00d83451b3c669e201b8d08605c2970c-800wiIf at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Not too long ago there was a comparison between the VW GTI and a MINI Cooper S. They’re baaaack! This time the results were different.

You may have seen this review we talked about back in September. In that comparison the MINI took a beating in most categories. Now our friends at Cars.com have brought together a Cooper S with a GTI and this time the MINI was well received.

Much has been said and written about the F56 interior. When spy pics were first posted about it, many thought the interior was too much of a change from the traditional interior cues that have adorned the MINI since its revival. Some even called it so ordinary as to be comparable to a Toyota or Honda. In this new comparison it would appear that MINI’s interior design changes were successful as the new MINI’s interior scored high marks both for its appearance and for its technology. In fact, the MINI screen is described as “gorgeous” while the GTI’s screen was labeled, “forgettable.” The MINI didn’t come across as the most comfortable from a seating perspective, though.



As with the recent tests in the rain from another comparison, the MINI scored tops again for braking. The Cooper S also was out front of the GTI in handling this time with one reviewer describing the MINI handling as “flatter and more confident”, and another stating, “…the Cooper feels like a different type of car than the GTI when cornering hard. It gives extreme confidence in these situations that doesn’t exist when piloting the GTI.”



Ride comfort went to the GTI which may surprise some given how much attention MINI has paid to the comfort level of the F56 interior.  At that end of the day the reviewers felt the MINi was more fun to drive and even if it wasn’t faster in acceleration, it felt faster.

Without giving away too much more, check out the entire comparison here.