Official Release: MINI Collection is breaking new ground with the “MINI Collection Screendancer” – an innovative way to shop for fashion and accessories using iTunes. This pioneering idea allows iTunes users to watch music videos and shop for the dancers’ outfits at the same time. The Screendancer is a plug-in for iTunes Visualizer, a programme that displays visual effects synchronised to the song playing. Once the MINI Collection Screendancer is installed on a computer, the plug-in can recognise the rhythm and real dancers move to the beat. As an extra innovative feature, the dancers’ outfits can be bought directly from the MINI online shop. The new MINI Collection 2014/16 presents the top items from the dancers’ ever-changing outfits – from caps, beanies, T-shirts, hoodies and jackets to trainers and watches. Simply click on the product for more details.

Behind the scenes

Internationally acclaimed creative director and star choreographer Del Mak is the man behind the dance choreography. The Londoner has already worked with well-known artists such as The Chemical Brothers and M.I.A., and has been involved in TV programmes such as Got to Dance. His choreography spans many genres, combining basic moves with elements from disco, hip hop, soul and electro. The dancers are all trained professionals from the United Kingdom who have already shared the stage with stars like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Sade.

Technical specifications

The plug-in can be downloaded free of charge from the MINI website and is easy to install. In the iTunes Menu Bar, MINI Collection Screendancer is located under “View” and then “Visualizer”. To switch from the playlist view to Screendancer, the function must be activated by clicking “Show Visualizer”. Installation requires the operating systems Windows 7 or OS x 10.7 for Mac. The latest version of iTunes is also required. This can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple website. MINI Collection Screendancer is now available for free download at www.MINI.com/screendancer.

The outfits and many other products from the new MINI Collection are available from selected MINI stores and online at www.MINI-shop.de