2015 will be a huge year for MINI. With the F56 launch out of the way the brand will turn it’s attention to debuting the F56 JCW, F54 Clubman and F57 Convertible. Of course this is on top of launching the F56 JCW race car and further rolling out the F55 five door. And that’s just part of the story. To help make some sense of it we pulled together the top five things we’re looking forward to in 2015.


5. Getting to know the new five door MINI

We’ve seen the F55 in photos but we here at MF have yet to see it in person let alone drive it. Given that the five door could be a huge seller for MINI in the years ahead we can’t wait to get our hands on it and bring you the verdict.


4. Low-mileage R53 values dropping below $10k

2015 could be the year we start to see great low-mileage examples of the soon to be classic R53 drop below $10,000. That will make the R53 not just a great car for a budget minded shopper but a potential weekend toy for those who have fond memories of the cars from 10 years ago. Of course once prices stabilize (and we fully expect that they will) we will likely see values start to slowly go upwards later this decade making the R53 a smart buy as well.


3. The F57 Convertible

We’re not going to pull any punches. We liked the previous convertible but it always felt awkwardly proportioned next to the stunning R58 Roadster. While the F57 will carry on with the same silhouette we can expect a massive improvement inside and out with MINI using the F56 as a basis for the new drop-top. Look for the F57 to debut late in 2015.


2. The 2015 JCW

This is a car we’ve been waiting for since 2008? Why so long? The moment we saw the original R56 JCW we knew that MINI had left a lot on the table. All the pieces were there but the car itself felt less of a definitive statement. Now with 231 hp and a number of bespoke improvements the F56 JCW feels like it could be car we’ve all wanted out of JCW. 2015 will answer that.


1. The 2016 F54 six door Clubman

Six doors – four plus those two barn doors in the back will make this Clubman the most versatile MINI ever. Of course it’s not just the doors. This will be the first MINI to be built on the stretched UKL platform (eventually to spawn the Countryman and BMW X1) and thus it’ll be not just longer but wider as well. And it’ll be endowed with higher output engines a diesel (destined for the US) and potentially a plugin hybrid. we say potentially because that honor may have to wait of the revised 2017 Countryman.

What we’re not looking forward to is the discontinuation of the R58 and R59 Coupe and Roadster. They were cars that always felt special and enthusiast biased. Seeing them end production may make business sense but it leaves a hole in the line-up that we can only hope is filled with the Superleggera or Rocketman.

Now it’s your turn. What are you MINI related things are you looking forward to in 2015?