To many of you this probably reads like MINI sales in the US are stable, but this is actually big news. While **6,615** vehicles sold in December 2014 only represents a **0.3%** increase compare to the same month last year (i.e. **6,592**), the brand sets a new record. It is not only MINI USA’s best December ever but also their best month since the British icon came back to US shores. Looking back at the end of the summer, this seemed like an impossible task to achieve, but we at MotoringFile predicted early on that our favorite brand was doing just fine. We actually reminded our readers of that most [recently](https://www.motoringfile.com/2014/12/22/opinion-a-tricky-year-for-the-f56-and-mini-usa/).

Unsurprisingly, the Hardtop (**4,176** units) and the Countryman (**1,941** units) are driving most of the volume while the Coupe and the Roadster are bidding their farewell. As for the Paceman, it continues to disappoint with **129** units, its fourth lowest month since it’s introduction in March 2013.

With the F55 four-door Hardtop picking up steam and the F54 Clubman about to join the ranks, we’re refining our initial forecast for 2015 with 12-month sales between **68,500** and **71,000** vehicles. What are your predictions for 2015?


Official Release: The BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported December sales of **48,141** vehicles, an increase of **9.5%** from the **43,981** vehicles sold in the same month a year ago. At year end, the BMW Group (BMW and MINI combined) is up **5.3%** on sales of **395,850** compared to **375,782** in 2013, a new record for the BMW Group U.S.

“The record result in 2014 for BMW proves that solid growth is still possible when you have the right products that provide good value for the customer,” said Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO, BMW of North America. “The increases across the BMW line make us optimistic about what’s possible in 2015. I am also very glad to see that MINI set a new sales record in December and I have no doubt MINI will have a great year now that the new models are becoming available.”

**MINI Brand Sales – best December**
MINI USA reported its best December with sales of 6,615 automobiles, an increase of **0.3%** from the **6,592** sold in the same month a year ago. For the year, MINI sales in the U.S. are down **15.6%** to **56,112** compared to **66,502** in 2013.

**MINI Pre-Owned Vehicles – best year and month**
In December, MINI used automobiles (including MINI NEXT certified pre-owned and pre-owned) reported sales of **2,083** automobiles, an increase of **6.6%** from the **1,954** sold in December, 2013. For the year 2014, MINI used vehicle sales are up **12.4%** on volume of **24,765** compared to **22,033** in the same period of 2013.