Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 9.51.08 PMWhen it comes to tech, it’s fair to say that the US always get the cool stuff first, but this time around it seems our European counterparts have had exclusive access to a very interesting service since 2012. That service is called [Google Compare]( and serves, amongst other things, as an auto insurance hub. In Europe, you can basically buy you car insurance through Google. As it turns out, this service might soon be available in the US.

According to a [report]( from Forrester Research analyst Ellen Carney, Google Compare Auto Insurance Services Inc. is already licensed to do business in 28 states. In addition to that, Google is currently partnering with a number of insurers including Dairyland, MetLife, Mercury, Permanent General Assurance, Viking Insurance of Wisconsin and Workmen’s. All in all, it looks like Google might be ready to launch its service during the first quarter of this year.

So why is Google is entering this business? For starters, [Google Compare]( already exists in the US for credit card shopping. However, as more companies compete with them when it comes to searching for products and services (e.g. Amazon, Expedia), it just makes sense for the internet giant to enter new search verticals to protect its main business.

I’m due for a new car next year and I’ll definitely give Google Compare a try to shop for auto insurance. What about you?