Petrolicious Classic Mini HeaderAlthough most of the readers here on MotoringFile likely own or are reading about the modern MINI, we hold a special place for the car that started the craze, the classic Mini.  One site which purveys modern experiences of classic automobiles tastefully is Petrolicious.  Petrolicious is no stranger to stories of classic Minis (A Mini Gives You Instant Rockstar Status) and has even been guest featured on White Roof Radio.  We would like to bring you to a beautiful infograph which Petrolicious created with insights into the Classic Mini.  

Did you know the record for people crammed into a Classic Mini?  Or how many times Minis won the Monte Carlo Rally?  To find out answers to these questions and more, discover the infograph at the link below and maybe some of the facts may be useful at your next MINI-gathering’s trivia event:

Petrolicious: The Mini Visualized