XCAR1MotoringFile was one of the first sites to show footage of the F56 MINI Challenge race car from the perspective of current racers. However now we have high quality footage and an in-depth review as provided by XCARFilms. As previously mentioned, the F56 MINI Challenge car starts life as a Cooper S JCW with the 2.0-liter turbo four cylinder tuned to make up to 275 brake horsepower and at least 295 lb/ft. Additionally there is a full roll cage, racing slick tires, a Quaife sequential gearbox, adjustable dampers, Alcon brakes, additional aero and a curb weight of just about 2,500 pounds. To quote the [NSFW] reviewer,

“…it’s the mental┬ácousin of the Cooper S you don’t invite to parties because it will f- things up.”

It is hard to believe the MINI Challenge single-make Championship has been around for 13 years and it appears this third-generation will add a substantial┬ádose of excitement in addition to credibility to the series for years to come. ┬áFor those weekend racers amongst our readers who dream of #racecar (we’re looking at you DB), it sounds and appears that the F56 makes a fantastic base for performance modifications at a reasonable price. ┬áThe not-street legal third-generation MINI Challenge car costs roughly┬á ┬ú30,000 (~$45,500 US at today’s rate) . ┬áThis might just be one of the most exciting MINIs in the world.

YouTube: XCARFilms