Deer and MININo, really. In what is one of the most bizarre MINI-related stories we’ve seen, police find four men and four dead deer with a MINI Cooper.

It’s hard to write something like this as a piece of fiction, yet here it is as a true story. Four guys apparently got high and decided to go deer hunting illegally, tried to squeeze the deer into the MINI (running one over with the car) then all passed out in the car, presumably from exhaustion, only to be found by police in the fogged-up car. It’s like a missing chapter from Pulp Fiction – the only thing missing were ball gags.

Wow. The story made news on CNN as well.

There is an image of one of the deer stuffed in the boot of the MINI in the news footage so if you’re easily squeamish you may not want to view the video. For those brave of heart and curious about such an unusual event involving a MINI, have a look here.